As the amount of data is growing in an exponential way, there is a tremendous need to valuate business analytics in order to optimize the development of every kind of industries or companies. Based in the French Riviera, AEMILIO is a start-up specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence aiming at valuating and improving business performance.  AEMILIO provides products and services in different industrial sectors such as FINANCE, ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY and TRANSPORTATION. We are specialized in Data engineering and Digital twins development for the Industry 4.0.


Financial markets have been for a long time special means for investors to make profits thanks to strategies designed and operated by traders. However, different factors can make investing a risky entreprise : limited knowledge of markets behaviours, complex and volatile financial markets, non-optimal trading strategies, and, last but not least, big amount of data that cannot be optimally treated by humans.

Based on these observations, AEMILIO proposes Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions (numerical platforms for rapid prototyping, backtesting and benchmarking different investing strategies), services and products (like automated bots) to support human traders and facilitate their work and guide them in arbitrating the daily decisions. AEMILIO tech can be used for conventional and crypto-assets markets.


Preserving environment and Earth resources as well as using renewables ones has been one of the biggest political and social concerns since the past years. However, Industrial Renewables Systems (like solar plants, wind farms or battery storage systems) can be costly and generally not optimally designed or used.

In order to minimize cost and ensure optimal design and maintenance of these systems AEMILIO builds digital twins, IoT solutions and uses Data Engineering and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to specify, optimize and maintain energy management systems for Buildings efficiency, Solar and Battery Stationary applications. We have expertise and >10 years experience in the Battery Industry.


Clean Mobility and transportation management is an item with increasing interest. The complexity of transportation means (cars, planes, boats, trains, motorcycles..) and the data generated by higher level of embedded electronics is a source to use to improve overall transportation systems.

AEMILIO uses its data science & ML technologies as well as its field knowledge to build digital and physical systems, analyze and optimize the design processes/usage of all kind of transportation modes. We have expertise and >10 years experience in the Electric Vehicles Industry.

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